When Jason was in the Air Force in Alaska, he would go on long back country hikes and come home with great stories and no proof; so he purchased a camera.

Fast forward eight years and he is a civilian living in Hawaii pressed by the technical barriers of his Canon G12. Jason finally took the plunge and invested in a “real” camera. Finally, he had the opportunity to capture light in the way he has been imagining it. Since November last year, Jason has found that the boundaries of what he considered plausible has become benchmarks in a developing portfolio he dares to call his career.

Jason’s goal is to become both a gallery artist and a commercial photographer like a combination of Peter Lik and Eric Alamas. He wants to capture beauty, create beauty, and inspire beauty. Jason wants to captivate, and engage; to learn, teach and learn from teaching. He thinks that these qualities are what professionals and leaders aspire to and develop for. Jason also thinks that these are values he has towed with him since adopting the core values of the Air Force, specifically “Excellence In All We Do”. Jason deeply appreciates this opportunity to work hard on his dream and is grateful that you have spent a few moments to read about him.