Kyle Goldie

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Kyle Goldie grew a love for being in the beautiful nature that surrounded him.  His father was a pilot, which enabled Kyle to travel the world and learn photography from a very early age.  Beginning on 35mm film with the Canon AE-1, Kyle learned from the ground up.  It wasn’t until Kyle graduated with his Bachelors of Business Management from Central Washington University that he decided to pursue it full-time.  He hasn’t looked back since.  His entire life, he’s being living his passion of traveling and photography.

To Kyle, the phrase ‘explore more’ means many things, but one stands out more than the rest.  When he explores more, he is not only going on an adventure to a personally unexplored area, but he approaches it with gusto.  With his camera by my side, a firm pair of athletic shoes, and his Passport, he goes out into the world and goes with the flow. He searches for beautiful contrast, colors and texture, but it’s not until he actually has an intrinsic feeling and connection to what he is seeing that he captures that photograph.  He will travel to the most beautiful places that this planet has to offer to not only document the area, but he is looking for something more.  Kyle is looking to capture a gorgeous moment in time with a unique perspective and approach.  If he wasn’t constantly exploring both locally and internationally, he feels like he would be doing himself a disservice.  It’s his passion to explore more. It’s what he’s all about.