Natasha Marie

Natasha Marie was born in British Columbia, Canada and grew up drawing rocket ships and planets in the margins of her notebooks. She was drawn to art making from an early age, crafting little paper sculptures inside the hollow of her wooden school desk and practicing pointillism instead of math. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Art Education and spent a few years teaching before setting into full time art-making. She came to Grand Image from Anthropologie where she spent her time designing and constructing everything from life sized paper polar bears to geodesic wood installations. Her art is influenced by a love of precision and order, and she works with meticulous detail. She works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media as well as in three dimensional wood, canvas, metal, cardboard and paper. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her dog, husband and a Volkswagon bus named Wes Vanderson. Natasha is a current artist in residence in THE Studio at Grand Image. THE Studio At the center of our Seattle headquarters sits THE Studio, an open airy space with 20' ceilings and skylights. Our collective of emerging artists includes painters, fabricators and graphic artists who bring a diverse set of creative skills, creating new artworks every day. This diversity allows us to create nearly anything imaginable from scratch and the ability to modify any of our existing images. Guided by industry visionary Larry Winn and managed by Art Director Kate Maass, THE Studio generates scores of new original works each month. Our creative team bring over 80 collective years of industry experience, delivering fresh imagery successfully wrapped in the Grand Image point of view. Collaboration is KEY. Collaboration with customers' Collaboration among artists'. Collaboration between sales, marketing and creative. Collaboration. The dynamic between our artists and our digital team is unique. Working within the same space, often on the same projects, these disciplines complement each other, often times one augmenting the other. Whatever your project requires- 3 dimensional works of wood, metal or found materials, large scale original paintings, detailed drawings or location specific photography; just bring us a color, an idea or your blank slate and we will flesh out the designs, provide you a mock-up and work within your budget and timeline. THE Studio allows us to react quickly to customer needs and market trends. It also provides an environment for experimentation, development and magic.