Mary Calkins

Originally from Massachusetts, Mary Calkins had a love of art early in life. However, she didn’t pursue it seriously as a career until the age of thirty six, when she renewed studies at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, leading to a B.F.A. degree with honors for excellence in painting in 1994.

Mary believes art is the merging of the world around us with a journey of revelation and discovery of self. Over the years she has built a broad repertoire of imagery and styles which reflect her many abilities, interests and experiences. In recent years much of her work has turned towards the current modern trends in design influenced by its strong clean lines, bold forms and saturated colors. She states, “I love and am inspired by the simplicity, and pure power of color, shape, pattern and texture.” She prefers to work in an abstract or nonrepresentational way, finding more pleasure in the process of creation and the qualities of the materials themselves.