Jane Guthridge

'I do not paint literally what I see, but the emotion it produces in me. I express these emotions through color, line and texture.'

Jane Goethel Guthridge resides in the scenic state of Colorado. She was educated at Kent State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. After graduating, Jane continued her studies with Armin Hoffman and Paul Rand in Brissago, Switzerland and later in her career she attended the Art Students League of Denver.

The artist’s work has been described in The Pastel Journal by Maggie Price as 'rich layers of color reminiscent of batik work or a fine tapestry... patterns of trees and foliage, intricately interwoven branches and creative color usage make for appealing images in which the subject is often subordinate to the feeling of the painting.'

Jane has been included in many group and solo exhibitions and has received numerous awards. She was recently selected to exhibit her work in 'The International Biennale of Contemporary Art' in Florence, Italy, M.I.A.D Venado Tuerto in Argentina, and the book 'American Art Collector'. Her work is contained in the collections of Colorado State Bank and Trust, Kaiser Permanente, Morgan-Charles, Peak Public Relations, and Sigler Communications.