Bonita W. Goldberg

'I am an artist because I have to be. I am driven by the challenge, excitement and sometimes disappointments in having the language of my images be my voice.

As an artist, I have been on a journey through abstract ideas and discoveries. The process of creating the art is as important to me as the finished project. That is why larger works that require more physical involvement appeal to me the most.

I enjoy organic smooth shapes, ambiguous areas and surprises hidden deep in the crevices. My work has a different, usually magnified and sometimes distorted points of view. There is an illusion that this subject does exist, but is blown out of the realm of reality.

My images convey spirituality, the powerful elements of life like joy, happiness, feminine energy, sensuality and the balance of the life cycle.

I hope that my organic abstracts are cause to stop, respond and perhaps question if there is more to see than what is on the surface.'