Leasing Plan

The Galleryi Art Leasing Program is an excellent solution for our clients interested in displaying art without a substantial up-front investment. Our impressive Ready to Hang inventory offers you a broad range of artistic styles. You may lease the art temporarily and also take advantage of lease purchasing arrangements.

Leasing from our collection of high quality fine art creates a unique atmosphere for any customer's building, office, or home. We offer a wide range of options to fit your inclinations and budget. Every 90 days, you can rotate your leased pieces with other available artwork from our gallery to keep your walls ever-changing and exciting. Our gallery includes both emerging and well-established artists, in addition to world-renown Northwest artists. If you do not find what you need, provide us with specific styles, colors and themes, we will source your commission work.

  • The majority of the artwork in our leasing program is stretched canvas. This means it is lightweight, ready to hang, and easy to move and transport.

  • Our original artwork and affordable prints on canvas are offered for lease at a rate that is highly competitive with other leasing and rental programs.

  • We take as much care with our artwork as you do with your own. We will pack the artwork for safe travel. Parking is free and our staff is ready to help you load the artwork.

  • Most important, 100% of your leasing fees are applicable to your purchase if you ultimately wish to buy your leased artwork.

We are your solution for affordable, high-quality original artwork and prints.

Contact Shaoling Ciaccia, Showroom Manager, at 206.624.0444 ext 123 or to start your leasing program.