Leasing Program

This is a general statement of the Galleryi Leasing Plan. For specific information, please contact Shaoling Ciaccia, Showroom Manager, at 206.624.0444 ext 123 for more information or refer to the terms of your Galleryi Lease Agreement.

1.   90 Day Lease Agreement – a signed Artwork Lease Agreement must be submitted to Galleryi.

2. Credit Card on File – customer must keep a current MC, Visa or AMEX on file with Galleryi.

3. Lease Payment – lease payments for the first 90 days must be paid in full in advance of receiving artwork.

4. Security Deposit – your credit card will be charged a security deposit before it leaves the showroom. Your credit card will not be charged for the retail value of the artwork unless damage or loss occurs.

5. End-of Lease Options – at the end of your lease agreement, you have 5 business days to return your artwork or notify Galleryi in writing of your intentions to extend your lease month-to-month, purchase your artwork, or exchange your artwork for new pieces.
  • If you do not notify Galleryi of your intentions in writing or return your artwork within 5 business days, you will automatically be placed on a month-to-month lease. Your credit card on file will be charged at the beginning of every 30 days.

  • Extend your lease month-to-month: you can extend your Lease Agreement to a month-to-month plan. The rate is 5% of the retail value for prints on canvas or original paintings.

  • Purchase your artwork: 100% of your lease payment for each individual piece of artwork will be applied to the purchase price of that piece of artwork should you choose to purchase it at the end of your Lease Agreement.

  • Exchange your artwork for new pieces: you may exchange your artwork for new pieces. A new Lease Agreement must be signed.
6. Terminate the lease: you can terminate your Lease Agreement at the end of your 90 lease option. You have 5 business days to notify Grand Image in writing and return your leased artwork to the Galleryi Showroom in its original condition.