Posted by Inna / to News, Artwork / on July 8, 2011

We are excited to announce the addition of seven colorful and patterned images by Bainbridge Island-based artist Kathe Fraga to our BED (Budget Editions) line of open edition digital prints. The newly released images from Kathe Fraga’s French Wallpaper Series are inspired by hand-painted motifs found on the timeworn walls of grand old Parisian mansions.  Fraga also draws inspiration from patterns found on vintage kimonos, hand-blocked wall panels and hand-worked embroidery.  Each painting resembles an aged decorative panel adorned with birds, flowers, vines and leaves in the Chinoiserie style. Using layers of time, age and color, the artist’s modern interpretation of this style yields magical, dreamy, softly faded, and colorful narratives.

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