Kate Endle Children's Book Singing & Signing in Seattle
Posted by Lauren / to Events, Artists, Seattle / on December 14, 2011

Our Grand Image artists are always up to creative endeavors in their local communities! This weekend our very own Kate Endle did a book 'signing' & 'singing' with Chris “Caspar Babypants” Ballew, Kate’s significant other, vocalist and bass player for the band, Presidents of the United States of America. This unique event was held at Capers in West Seattle which also has a show of Endle's work on view through January 2012. Below is coverage from the West Seattle Blog and a very kid-friendly youtube video of their performance.

Video: Caspar Babypants & Kate Endle’s ‘booksinging’:

No, that’s not a typo in our headline – when we stopped by CAPERS in The Junction just before musician Caspar Babypants and artist Kate Endle started their 11 am appearance, we asked about the order of events – music, then reading, then signing, or? “We’re singing the books,” they explained, “so it’s a book ‘singing,’ then a book ‘signing’.” We’ll add video of the singing part when we’re back at HQ. You can find out more about their new books “Bunny Rabbit in the Sunlight” and “My Woodland Wish” here – they’ll be at CAPERS till noon or so.

ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: Here’s the video, as promised. It begins with Caspar B explaining how he added the kids-music sideline to his rock ‘n’ roll career:



Kate Endle has a variety of delightful children’s themed work in our BED (Budget Editions) line which is frequently specified for healthcare projects, pediatrics wings and children’s themed public spaces.     

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