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Posted by Vanessa / to Interior Design / on March 11, 2013

Grand Image is seeing a huge trend in requests for imagery that is successful in more masculine living spaces. Many men are working out of their home or playing greater roles as stay-at-home parents and current residential design reflects this.

Below are two Seattle residencies that demonstrate how graphic, bold, black and white abstracts can evoke masculinity in a space when combined with other clean and modern design elements.

Image codes: HJOP-205, HJOP-953, HJOP-945, GGOP-154

Image code: 80043

The monochromic theme is also present here in this Super Bowl ad featuring P. Diddy.

Image code:  76307, 76308


Colorful imagery can also be successful in masculine environments when combined with industrial surfaces and textures.

Below is a residence featuring colorful original pieces by T.L. Lange. Grand Image has many works by T.L. Lange available in originals, limited editions and our open edition lines that have a street art feel and would work in industrial, gender-neutral, urban spaces.


POD image codes: 78797, 78798

For this multi-family living project in San Diego, Grand Image custom colored black and white images by Patrick Atkinson to fit a more colorful design vision. Bold swatches of black color and hard lines help establish imagery as more masculine, but the images can be tailored to work with a variety of styles.

Image codes: 82527, 82528

Here’s a selection from our line that would work with men’s design.

Image codes (clockwise): 80768, 77602, PFOP-128, 79798, DDOP-517, 78065, 85919, 82616, 83746

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