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Posted by Devan / to Trends, Artwork / on May 31, 2011

We've asked our Account Managers to share some of the best selling images in their territories in the last six months.  Devan Walker, National Sales Manager, discusses three most popular images among her clients nationwide. 

Patrick Atkinson "Cerulean Flora 1" (POD Collection)


Atkinson, 81019

This specific Atkinson image is specified by many corporate and hospitality consultants.  Designers love the dynamic style and it has become a "fan favorite."   What I find interesting about it is that since its release in 2008, it is still an image many of my customers are drawn to.  If they've never seen it, they are wow'd and if they have seen it before, they still gravitate towards it.   We have commissioned several paintings - particularly series and other colors from it, as on the image below.


I have seen it placed in hospitality, corporate locations, in residences and also in healthcare. The look is quintessential Patrick Atkinson and continues to be a top selling style.

Campbell Laird "khmer 8" (POD Collection)



There are many top selling Laird images but this one became the top seller very quickly.  I have had customers crop it up into sections for a panel installation and also rotate it, flip it and resize it.  It's a piece that has a strong look and can stand out on the wall but it also has earthtones so it works in many of today's green environments.  One of the consultants who placed the piece told me that it warmed up the metal modern designs in her customer's offices. 


Because the piece can enlarge to huge proportions, you can cover an entire wall with it.  I find the oversize wall décor with an image like this can be a stunning design solution and also easy on the wallet.

DF Photo "Koi 2" (BED Collection)



Surprise surprise!   Not really.  Koi imagery has always been strong because it can be placed in so many areas - healthcare, corporate, government contract.   DF Photo has proven to be a great resource of strong photography at budget prices for our customers.   This specific photographer has very crisp, well done images which has quickly made him a top selling artist in our Budget Editions as well. See more photography in our BED (Budget Editions) Collection.


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